Storytelling / Kids

Tan Yew Leong

Yew Leong loves storytelling, simply because to him, a story well told will impart powerful emotions to it's viewers. Be it laughter, tears, thrills or a simple smile in the mind.

When he was 5, he had a story which started life from his father's reclining chair. The recliner became a goal post in world famous stadiums. Many cup finals was played using 'the goal post' and a tennis ball. 8 year old Yew Leong would score many last minute goals, winning many cups, the hearts of fans and the heart of the beautiful 15 year old girl down his street.

Today Yew Leong tell stories through film. He tells stories for a variety of brands. From milk producers to oil producers. From banks to cars. Telcos to fried chicken purveyors.