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Jimmy Wong

This uprising new director believes that art should be expressed in a way that shapes culture for the better, and he has all the resources that an artist needs to do the work that runs through their veins.

He ventured into the industry as soon as he graduated from university to follow his passion and dreams. He had spent a fair amount of years being on the ground from P.A and eventually a D.O.P, which makes him have a better grasp of how the industry works.

Later when the opportunity of becoming a Film Director came knocking on the door, he decided to take the chance and shine. From there, another journey began. Known for his versatility, he had worked with different renowned brands, like McDonald's, Samsung, Malaysia Airlines, Homesoy, Maxis, Honda, and Sofy.

Being good is not enough for him, he is bold, adventurous and would go that extra mile to ensure his works tell a story that speak to the audience.