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Sim F

Sim F has been working on TV commercials and music videos for more than twelve years. He graduated in 2000 from the School of Arts and Design of ITB (Bandung).

Sim F has a clear and sharp understanding of visual communication with years of production experience. He has been awarded for multiple works, ranging from artsy independent films to reputable television commercials - some of them are: Bronze Pinasthika Award for Telkomsel Halo Fit, Music Video Terdahsyat for Peterpan’s “Walau Habis Terang”, Rolling Stone Magazine Best Music Video for Peterpan’s “Menghapus Jejakmu”, Silver Award for Animation and Special Effects in Citra Pariwara for Sony HiFi’s “Noisy Neighbour”, and MTV Best Music Video for Project Pop’s “Jangan Ganggu” 2018 just shoot biopic movie of Susy Susanti, Indonesia badminton legend. Being one of Indonesia’s most prominent director, he knows what visually sells while not losing his artistic touch.