Passion Pictures’ offices are strategically located in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand for good reason: these parts of South East Asia have much to offer in terms of filming resources, locations, cast, and most importantly, quality and cost efficiency.

Each of our office is a fully equipped set-up, with in-house staff that can react promptly to your needs. We focus on the strengths of each country, and use that advantage to offer the best solutions to our clients. Each country has its own strength.

Malaysia, with its diverse locations and cast ethnicities, allows us  to  pass off as other countries such as India, China and the Middle East. This advantage  allows  certain   projects  to be produced solely in Malaysia, therefore eliminating the need for multi- country travel. Malaysia also boasts a variety of very diverse locations within a 3-hour distance from Kuala Lumpur: beaches, modern cities, jungles, waterfalls, rice fields, caves and more. Because English is widely spoken, communication on international productions is a breeze.

Due to its massive population and rapid growth, many clients are also keen to either penetrate or increase their market share in Indonesia. In order to do so, all advertising must be relevant to the Indonesian consumer which means it has to be produced locally, with the  right  nuances.  This is something PASSION completely understands. Indonesia also offers the kind of exotic locations and cultures that have attracted many international projects: from stunning volcanic landscapes and majestic waterfalls,  to ancient temples, surf beaches and coffee plantations.

Thailand has been at the forefront of foreign productions for years. Its world- class shooting crew, latest filming equipment, quality locations and art direction, as well as highly-skilled technicians have attracted many international productions. Because of the wide availability of caucasian and pan-asian casts, Thailand is the global hub for producing high quality hair and beauty films. Needless to say Thailand is also a fantastic tourism and culinary destination.

When you work with PASSION to shoot parts of your project within the 3 countries we represent, you only have to deal with one Producer, at  one affordable packaged cost. All production and payment logistics will be worked out internally, giving you complete peace of mind.